Colbert: GOP Senate Health Care Plan Is the Only ‘Classified Information That No One Has Leaked Yet’


During last night’s broadcast of The Late Show, host Stephen Colbert took some shots at Senate Republicans for keeping their health care bill secret, noting that even some GOP Senate members haven’t seen it yet.

Noting that much of the media focus has been on the reports that special counsel Robert Mueller is investigating President Donald Trump for obstruction of justice, Colbert pointed out that GOP senators have “very quietly been hard at work this week on their plan to repeal Obamacare.”

“What’s in it?” Colbert sarcastically asked. “Who knows.” The comedian added that they’ve discovered the foolproof plan on getting it passed — by letting no one see it.

With so many news reports surrounding Washington lately being based on anonymous sources leaking info, Colbert wondered why we haven’t been able to get anything on this bill.

“Somehow your health insurance is the one piece of classified information that no one has leaked yet,” he noted.

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